The story and Biography of Dr. Earl Henry Sr.

These original bird prints were created by an American patriot - Dr. Earl Henry, and are perfect to decorate the home or office of any bird lover or nature enthusiast. Now his son is offering these bird prints to show love and appreciation of the father he never knew. We believe you will enjoy the quality of these prints and hope they bring you joy for years to come.

Dr. Earl Henry (1911-1945), a dentist from Knoxville, Tennessee, studied birds from the age of 12. He was a self-taught taxidermist and mounted a collection of 87 species that were donated to the Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville. Henry could imitate the calls of more than 60 birds and entertained the crew of the USS Indianapolis with his imitations on more than one occasion. 

Lieutenant Commander Henry died in the sinking of his ship, the USS Indianapolis, on July 30, 1945, 4 days after the ship had delivered components of the first two atomic bombs to Tinian.